The vinyl plank flooring boards should lay parallel to the longest run of the room. Therefore it is important to find the perfect direction when laying your laminate flooring.

Here are a few tips to help you decide. The direction in which you lay your laminate floor can have an effect on how it looks how long it takes to finish laying and the amount of money spend on it. Plan the flooring layout.

Just consult your manufacturer installation instructionsand since it is inherently resistant to water it is also a great choice for the kitchen bathroom or basement. Back laying make the tongues more vulnerable to getting damaged so be careful. To do so you have to work from right to left and the groove must slide under the tongue.

The best way to decide is to lay out the floor and visualize what looks best. Its not ideal but sometimes it may be necessary to back lay the plank flooring into a room and avoid a transition piece. You have to decide whether it is better to lay it width ways or sideways depending on these.

For instance if the space is 5 feet by 8 feet the boards should run along the 8 foot wall. Generally this is done by working from the most visible wallusually the one that greets the eye as you enter the roomthen working outward toward the entryway. Vinyl plank flooring like laminate or wood flooring needs to have a layout that is pleasing to the eye.

Plus vinyl is designed to be diy friendly and many homeowners opt to lay the flooring themselves. This layout will look best. How to back lay vinyl plank flooring.

In fact vinyl plank flooring can be installed virtually anywhere even on top of existing flooring. Start on the left side of the room and work right. If youre installing your flooring on a main floor you will want to float the floor in the same direction.